Ex-pat coaching

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Ex-pat Coaching / English speaker coaching

Are you looking for ex-pat coaching or "just" looking for someone who can coach you in English? Or is Dutch culture baffling you? Is being away from home harder than you expected? Are decisions that you would normally take in the blink of an eye not as easy now? Is your new home providing you with opportunities that you don't know how to latch onto? Are language problems proving harder than you imagined? Are you about to return home and do you want to prepare for "reverse culture shock"?

Language challenge

Being an ex-pat is usually an exciting experience with its' own unique highs and challenges. Most challenges are easily dealt with. Others are a bit harder and can be easier with coaching. It can help to have a Dutch and near-native English speaker who has ex-pat experience to talk to. It does not make him or her a better coach, but it does help with some of the intricacies of communication. Even if you are not a native speaker yourself, it still saves you half of the causes for misunderstanding.

About me

I have lived abroad and worked with various cultures (while abroad but also here in the Netherlands). I studied in the Netherlands and abroad. I worked in large and international companies. So I can probably relate to many of the topics that are relevant to you. As an ex-pat coach who is a life coach I will not tell you what to do, that's something that (with my help) you can find out perfectly for yourself. I can provide you with a safe, fun and challenging environment in which you can discover what to do, where you can discover your own way of dealing with things.

All coaching questions are welcome. General information on individual coaching can be found here here (currently only in Dutch). If you decide you want to be coached, we'll have an initial intake session during which we will discuss the way forward. Would you like to meet? Mail of call me, or check my fees.